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Honoring Rudolf Jansen

ThumbnailIt takes the words of a generous, masterful teacher to fully praise another endowed with the same qualities. Thus do we reverently present this citation by Deen Larsen, renowned educator, founder, and director of the Franz-Schubert—Institut to his colleague, pianist Rudolf Jansen, on the occasion of a celebration of his life and career.

Composer Profile: Juliana Hall


On November 6, 2016 at 8:00 pm at the National Opera Center, the Casement Fund Song Series will present Celestial Refrains: Songs of Juliana Hall, featuring soprano Lucy Fitz Gibbon, mezzo soprano Jazimina NacNeil, and pianist Ryan MacEvoy McCullough.  In this article, composer Juliana Hall discusses her musical roots, her compositional process, and the inspiration behind the music chosen for Celestial Refrains....

Hampsong's Song of America Educators Workshop

ThumbnailOn Saturday the 5th of December the Hampsong Foundation, headed up by world renowned Baritone Thomas Hampson, will come to the University of Michigan campus in Ann Arbor to Launch what will be an exciting initiative in Art Song: the Song of America Educators workshop and Curriculum Initiative pilot. It is a way to bring his Song of America program into K-12 classrooms and...

Susan Youens: Of cannibalism, the abolitionist movement, and Brahms:  An unlikely conjunction


For those of us who love Brahms’s songs, our first encounter with “Kein Haus, keine Heimat” (No house, no homeland) was probably a shock—it certainly was for me. Published in 1884 when Brahms was fifty-one years old, this work is twenty measures of undiluted bitterness, over almost before...

Michael Musgrave: Brahmsian Sea Pictures

ThumbnailIt is often observed of Brahms’ songs that they emphasize rounded melody and harmony at the expense of textual nuance. Three ideas lie behind this view: that Brahms’ devotion to folksong as an ideal of self- sufficient melody limits his response to words both rhythmically and in imagery; and that this ideal also tends to an instrumental character that prioritizes musical development over poetic text; and..

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