Sparks Commissions

Through a two tiered system of commissions by request and application, Sparks Commissions  funds the creation of new art song, with a preference for active collaborations between poet and composer, developing the work through residency, workshop and premiere.  Our hope is to bring exciting new music into the world of art song, encouraging multimedia or interdisciplinary approaches that could include things like digital artwork, theatrical effects, and even the possibility of experimental fashion design that might focus on an overarching theme for a given recital. This new music will be premiered on the Casement Fund Song Series in NYC.  Our growing number of satellite presenters will then present performances of the commissioned pieces around the world.  Our composers will also have the option to have their score published and sold through Sparks & Wiry Cries, and we will seek funding to record for digital release.  Our vision is that through this kind of global approach to creation, we can make sure that new works receive multiple performances and are given every opportunity to thrive.    

The Book of Dreams

World Premiere

National Sawdust
December 17th, 2017

Sneak Preview: August 24th @ National Sawdust
For more information regarding the preview & tickets, click here!

The Book of Dreams is a ground-breaking collaboration between David T. Little & the multimedia group, GLMMR - David Adam Moore and Vita Tzykun. An electroacoustic song cycle which pushes the boundaries of traditional art song, The Book of Dreams, fuses unamplified operatic vocals with digital sound design to weave a delicate tapestry of human and machine sounds.  Based on the work of surrealist poet Sonja Krefting, the cycle combines an original vocal composition by acclaimed composer David T. Little with an electronic realization and accompanying visuals by Metropolitan Opera baritone and digital media artist David Adam Moore. Directed by Vita Tzykun, the performance will feature recorded narration by Beth Morrison and sound engineering by Garth MacAleavey.

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